(7 weeks / 1 hour / max. 6 students)


To teach children how to tune into sounds through auditory discrimination, listen and remember sounds utilising auditory memory and sequencing and to talk about sounds while developing vocabulary and language comprehension.

  • 通過聲音辨認來教孩子們對聲音的敏銳度
  • 訓練聆聽和記認聲音和排序
  • 增加詞彙和對語言的理解


  1. Environmental sounds (環境聲音辨識)
  2. Instrumental sounds (器樂聲音辨識)
  3. Body percussion (用身體擊樂)
  4. Rhythm and rhyme (節奏和韻律)
  5. Alliteration (押頭韻)
  6. Voice sounds (聲音)
  7. Oral blending and segmenting (發音的拼合與分拆)