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K1 – K3

Robust structures are built upon solid foundations, and early childhood education, particularly in Kindergarten, is no different. Our Kindergarten English classes emphasise strongly on Phonics, general English awareness, interview preparation, speaking skills, and most importantly having fun.

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P1 – P6

In starting Primary School children are using a full suite of macros for the first time including speaking, reading, listening and writing. Phonics now play a pivotol role in their reading and dictation. By the end of primary school students will need dynamic interview skills, independent thinking and confidence in English.

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S1 – DSE

Seconday school English in Hong Kong calls for increasingly important test results, reliance on writing skills, and creativity and confidence when speaking and presenting in English. The climax of which is the DSE or IB exam at its end.

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Professional, University, General

Education is no longer thought of as just a preparation for adult life, but as a continuing process of growth and development from birth until death. We provide English lessons for career development, interviews, IELTS, travel, & general learners.

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P1, S1, Job

“Success is what happens when preparation meets opportunity. Develop the skills and gain the confidence to shine in your interview.

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Hong Kong
Speech Festival

All ages

The 71st Hong Kong Speech Festival (2019) will be held between 18 November and 18 December 2019. Time to get ready!

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