Job Preparation Class Overview

Sprout’s Job and Career Preparation Classes aim to provide a holistic understanding of what happens in the job interview market, and the process of employment ranging from why employers employ and how to apply for jobs through to marrying your skills with specific job profiles. We prepare candidates for their first contact with employers, through to how to perform in informal, formal and behavioural based interviews and then post-interview follow-up.

What’s Covered!

    • Every applicant, job opportunity and desired career path is different and therefore so is every job interview class that we provide. Our classes focus only on the individual job applicant in a private environment that is confidential and business focused. Our classes can take on any form required, based on your needs, however, some common sections covered often include:

      The Interview Process Understand the employment process from gauging potential opportunities and why an employer may be looking to employ as well through to identifying whether a position is a newly created position, replacement positions, or regular intake, and ultimately whether such a position is right for you based on your skills, experience and future goals.
    • Applying For The Position Learn how to apply and actively engage your C.V or alternative communication skills with advertised, headhunter or even unadvertised positions in a way that captures the attention of potential employers.
    • First Contact! First impressions last! Prepare for the initial phone call with your new employer, manage how to deal with the first verbal contact you have with them over the phone, and most importantly create a positive experience for the first time H.R or management take notes about you, converse with you and recommend you for an interview.
    • Impress On Your 1st Establish and familiarise yourself with what happens in an initial interview. Identify the format of the interview whether informal, formal or semi-formal, identify what to wear, and how to answer questions including informal, formal and behavioural questions. Actively respond to initial greetings and informal ice-breaking chat, followed by more formal and behavioural based questions which narrow in on specific scenarios and real past experience examples .
    • Secure On Your 2nd Reaffirm positive assessments made employers, alleviate any prior concerns and reiterate clearly why you are still the best person for the job. Make your final face to face interview one that ensures you have the very best chance of getting the position you desire.
    • What Happens After? Although most of the hard work is almost done, after interview follow-up is often still a time to thank, and to ensure that final details such as pay, conditions and contracts are in order.



  • Job Preparation Timetable

    As our Job Interview Preparation Classes are strictly 1-to-1 between the student applicant and the tutor the classes can be at anytime that suits your schedule.