Kindergarten – Sprout



Phases 1 – 6

Competency in phonics provides the bedrock for reading, formation of words, and later spelling and dictation in primary school. Adult’s IPA classes also available upon request.

Price: $300/h
Duration: 1 & 1.5 hour lessons
Class Size: Max. 6 Students


Private Lessons

All Levels

In these formative years, a general exposure to English, phonics and ability to speak comfortably with native English speakers is paramount in developing a strong English language foundation. Sprout’s NET private English tutor will give your child the exposure and growth needed.

Price: $500
Duration: 1 hour lessons

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Primary 1Interview Preparation

Primary school interviews are a time when parents stress most, introspectively though, it is a time when successful students leaving kindergarten through P1 interviews should relax most. P1 interviewees require k3 students to be ready and prepared for anything but not scripted nor robotic in their answers. Our interview preparation classes develop comfort, connfidence, logic, listening, reasoning and teamwork skills.

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