Sprout’s Phonics courses provide an ideal platform for young learners of English between K1 and P1 (3 to 8 years old) to SETOUT on their English learning journey with the strongest foundations. All classes are taught by highly qualified native English teachers (NET). Based on best practice learning principles from the U.K primary national strategy “letters and sounds“, Jolly Phonics and Letterland we have a created an interactive, multi-sensory and resource rich course designed to be both fun and outcome driven.


Learning Outcomes include:

Learning to read, pronounce and write 42 letter sounds
Learning handwriting and forming letters
Learning to blend letter sounds to make words
Learning word segmentation important for spelling
Learning sight / tricky words that phonics cannot decode
Learning about alternative spelling for words pronounced the same way
Learning to write spoken words that are heard


Based on the U.K primary national strategy “Letters and Sounds” we follow the comprehensive six stages recommended:

Phonics Course Timetables

Please contact us for current course times

Phonics Course Fees

Following an assessment, all fees are payable prior to each phase of the course.

1 hour lessons 1.5 hour lessons
$300 HKD $450 HKD