Secondary and high school (S1) interview classes for current P5 and P6 students.


Secondary school interviews are an inescapable and unavoidable component of the secondary (S1) admissions process in Hong Kong, however, they also provide an opportunity for students to shine, promote their achievements, engage with teachers, secure and show their suitability for their desired secondary schools.

Sprout Learning Centre’s Secondary Interview classes equip students with the skills to achieve their interview goals while also building confidence, interview experience, originality of responses, and their general manner and overall presentation.

Sprout’s secondary interview preparation classes enable students with the tools to be their best. Local and international secondary schools in Hong Kong and abroad are catered for through the classes so that students are given the optimal chance to reach their goals. All classes are conducted by experienced and highly qualified Native English Teachers (NET).


    • WHY! + Attitude, Manner, Posture The interview preparation class will start by giving a brief outline of the course so that students understand what an interview is, what happens in an interview and why the process is important when applying for secondary school. Students will also learn basic yet vital interview skills such as presenting with a  good attitude, displaying polite mannerisms and demonstrating confident posturing and body language.
    • Reading Rehersal Reading aloud an English passage is a task commonly used in secondary school interviews. It is used to test the pronunciation and fluency of students. The tutor will teach students how to read passages aloud correctly. As practice makes perfect, students will be given different examples of passages to practise at home and will receive feedback in later classes.
    • Key Vocabulary Many students often struggle with the usage of vocabulary when it comes to speaking English. In this class, the teacher will teach the key vocabulary required for interviews such as giving and asking for opinions, agreeing and disagreeing, complex conjunctions and intensifiers.  Students will learn how to use their new vocabulary correctly be in a position to be more confident and truly stand out from the crowd in their interviews.
    • Self-Introduction Every interview requires interviewees to give a self-introduction. In this class, the tutor will teach students what should be included in a self-introduction of 1-2 mins. Students will also learn how to make the self-introduction impressive and memorable for the interviewer. Students will develop their practice and give comments to each other in class.
    • Individual Interview Students often panic when they think of individual interviews. The tutor will introduce the types of questions commonly asked in an individual interview and provide a framework for students to answer these questions in their own words in order to make a personal and strong reply. Students will practise different questions with the tutor and the tutor help model answers in order to polish responses. (2 consecutive classes)
    • News, Current Affairs & Media Students will be encouraged to follow the latest happenings of the world by following the news and current affairs. Additionally, the teacher will discuss the current affairs that have recently occurred with students. The teacher will then select questions to ask students that analysis key issues common to secondary school interviews. Students must have a sense of what is happening in the world and questions that are going to be asked to be well-prepared for the interview.
    • Group Interviews Group interview is not about chatting in a group, it is about communication and strategy. The tutor will teach students how to lead a group, respond to others and make good eye contact. Students will learn group communication skills such as how to reach agreement in meeting style group discussions and how to persuade others in more vigorous debate style formats. Students will receive the tools to shine and impress the interviewer. (3 consecutive classes)


    Current P5 & P6 students are eligible for this class. Stronger students may opt for one or two batches of ten lessons immediately prior to interviews while other students elect for multiple batches until their confidence and interview ready aptitude are reached.

    Per batch : 10 hours x $300HKD = $3000



    •  6:30pm-7:30PM


    • 5:30pm-6:30PM