Hong Kong Speech Festival Coach / Tutor

This is one of our favourite times of the year and it is a great chance to have fun, build confidence and meet the challenges of speaking on stage. The Hong Kong speech festival is organised by the Hong Kong Schools and Music Association (HKSMA) and is Hong Kong’s premier event in which primary and secondary school students throughout Hong Kong deliver speeches and recite poetry. All participant’s oratories are graded by highly qualified judges with certificates awarded for high achieving entrants; Honours (90 marks+), Merit (80 – 89 marks) and Proficiency (75 – 79 marks).

At Sprout Learning Centre we delight in watching students gain an increased confidence in English as they explore their creativity in the delivery of their chosen material. Our head teacher Brent Hogan personally conducts all speech festival private lessons. During tuition, Brent works with students to select, understand and ultimately deliver the piece with meaning, accuracy and expression. He will work to deliver precise articulation, syllable and sentence stress, tone, intonation and voice control, all in a fun and imaginative environment designed for students to enjoy. Most of all, however, Brent will work with students to deliver a unique performance that students enjoy presenting, and that captivates and engages audiences and judges.

Speech Festival Categories

Solo Verse Speaking
Harmonic Choral Speaking (Open)
Choral Speaking (Non-Open)
Prose Speaking (Open)
Prose Reading (Non-Open)
Bible Reading
Public Speaking Solo
Public Speaking Team
Words and Movement
Thematic Group Speaking
Improvised Dramatic Scenes
Shakespeare Monologue
Solo Dramatic Performance
Dramatic Scenes
Dramatic Duologue
Rehearsed Original Scene

Tuition Fees

1 hour: $600 HK