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Interview Preparation


K3 students

Sprout’s Primary One (P1) Interview preparation course is designed for current kindergarten students in K3 preparing to attend their P1 school interviews. Learn how to introduce, read aloud, narratate, demonstrate logic, listen for detail and utilise teamwork skills for P1 Interviews.




S1 Interviews

P5 – P6

Sprout’s secondary school (S1) interview preparation course for current students in P5 & P6 preparing for secondary (S1) interviews. Students develop skills to introduce,engage in individual and group interviews, discuss current local and international affairs, and how to stand out in S1 school interviews.

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Job Interviews

Adults / Professionals

Sprout’s adult interview class is for job applicants preparing for their job interviews. Learn how to apply for jobs, identify questions types and how to answer, and how to follow up post interview. Gain the confidence that will help you be at your best on the day.

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Sprout Learning Centre’s classes & courses for adult job interviews, and new school admission applicants preparing for secondary school interviews and primary school interviews.