If students need to take leave due to sickness or other reasons, please note the following policy for obtaining make-up class approval. It is the parents’ or students obligation to inform the centre on time in order to keep the policy equitable for all parties.

1) Sick LeaveAdvance Notice – Telephone the centre before the beginning of the class and obtain the confirmation code. If no advance notice is made on time, no make-up class will be provided. Please make sure you notify us by phone and obtain the confirmation code.


Supporting documents required – Registered doctor’s certificates. The child’s name must be indicated on the doctor’s certificate.

Valid dates of supporting documents – The date of the doctor’s certificate should be the same as the class date or within 2 days prior to the class date. E.g. If a child take a sick leave for a class on the 8th of July, only a doctor’s certificate from the 6,7, or 8th will be accepted.

Limit of Sick Leave – No limit: We will follow the professional advice from registered doctors.

** sick leave is defined as the sudden occurrence of sick symptoms. Schedules body check-ups and scheduled injections at health clinics are defined as personal leave.

2) Enforced closures under severe weather conditions

SLC does not hold any activities under the following weather conditions: (students will not be notified individually; parents are advised to pay attention to the Hong Kong Observatory weather broadcasting)

Typhoon Signal Number 8 Warning or Higher Or Black Rainstorm Warning
No make-up class will be issued for any activities cancelled due to the above mentioned severe weather conditions.

No make-up class will be issued under any circumstances when late notification of taking leave or any circumstances that do not fulfill the mentioned make-up requirements should arise.

3) Personal Leave


School interview – School notice. The school notice must indicate the interview time which clashes with the class time (if the interview time is in the morning while class time is in the afternoon, this does not fulfill the Personal Leave criteria and no approval will be issued)

School Activities – limited only to school wide outings, graduations, sport days, and overseas school performances (No parent/report cards days, open day’s rehearsals, special activities, training or practising sessions or other reasons will be accepted.) School notice. The school notice must indicate the date of activity.

Scheduled body check ups and scheduled injections at health clinics – Proof of body check-ups or injections. Only the doctor’s certificate with the date of taking leave is accepted.

Overseas Holiday Travel – Limited to travel outside of HKSAR and a minimum of 3 weeks notice must be given. A copy of airline tickets showing departure and return date must also be supplied. A maximum of 2 weeks is allowed. Any travel leave beyond this timeframe will be at the managers discretion and must be approved 4 weeks before the first lesson that will be absent.

Only the above five situations are accepted for taking leave for personal reason. Please note that all other situations are not accepted for taking personal leave and lesson fees will apply regardless of attendance.

Limit of personal leave – maximum 2 classes in an enrolled term.

The above mentioned leave policy is not applicable to the following programs in any circumstances: Summer Fun Programs/All Workshops/Phonics Courses with special enrolment policies indicated on the promotional materials.