Parents are expected to have read and agreed to the Terms and Conditions (T&C) of the enrolment agreement of

Sprout Learning Centre (SLC) listed below before enrolling in SLC’s programs, courses, private or small group lessons.

No signature is needed for this agreement. The enrolment T&C become effective at the time that payment in tendered.


1) EnrolmentAdvance payment must be made in full to confirm the space reserved.
All lessons enrolled in are assumed to be continual lessons; any schedule conflicts between the student and the class date must be discussed prior to confirming the enrolment.
No exceptions or changes will be made after the payment is settled.


2) Payment Methods

We accept cash, bank deposit or cheque as payment.
For cheque payments, the final confirmation is subject to the bank transactions status.
For bank payments, parents are responsible for presenting the bank deposit advice to SLC in exchange for the official enrolment receipt. An administration fee of HKD 20.00 will be charged if bank deposit advice is lost and SLC is requested to prove the relevant transaction record from our side.
Transferring payment by internet banking service is not recommended. If there are any deductions in the total receiving amount, parents shall pay the discrepancy to SLC.

3) Program Transferal

To transfer your child from an enrolled program to another program before the completion of an enrolment term, HKD 50.00 will be charged for each program transferred. Transfers are subject to availability and manager discretion.

4) Refunds

All fees and payments are non transferable to other students.
We do not provide refunds or credit for classes already paid for. The only refundable situations are listed in point 15.

5) Waiting List

When a requested class is full, the student will be put on a waiting list. Enrolment priority is given to existing students.

6) Make-up class policy

We offer make-up classes to students only in certain situations. Please feel free to obtain a copy of our Leave Policy form from our office for your reference or you may view the same information on our website.
No make-up class will be given if customers fail to fulfill the requirements in our Leave Policy.
We do not provide make-up classes for certain programs. Please check individual programs before confirming the enrolment.

7) Enforced Closures

When Typhoon Signal No.8 (or higher), or the Black Rainstorm Warning is in force, all classes will be cancelled.
No make-up classes will be offered in these situations.
Parents will not be notified individually. Parents are advised to pay attention to the weather broadcasting.

8) Timetable

SLC reserves the right to make changes to class timetable without prior notice.

9) Hygienic Practice


Do not come to the centre sick . SLC reserves the right to refuse a student to enter a lesson if we believe the student might be unfit for class participation.
Parents and caregivers must follow the rules and guidelines set in the centre in order to keep a safe and hygienic environment for other clients.
SLC reserves the right to discontinue students’ enrolment without refund for those who do not follow our rules and guidelines.

10) Accompaniment

Parents are responsible for their child’s safety in the waiting area, resting areas or other public areas inside SLC..
Parents agree that SLC and its staff will not be held responsible for any loss, injuries or damage, whatever the cause may be, that their child may sustain on our premises.

11) Food and Beverages

Eating or drinking is not allowed on our premises.
SLC must be informed in advance of children with any food or other allergies as snack time and food fasting are part of certain programs.

12) Photography or Video Taking

Photos and Videos may only be taken with permission from SLC.

13) Term Renewal or Termination

Classes are automatically renewed upon completion of each term. Termination of a class must be notified in writing 14 days prior, or class fees will be charges as usual.

14) Lost and Found

Any lost and found items will only be kept for two weeks. Items not claimed after the 2 week period will be donated to charitable organisations. SLC is not responsible for any theft, loss or damage to any personal belongings left on our premises.

15) Program Adjustment

SLC reserves the right to make adjustments and changes to any programs. In the situation that the program changes listed below clash with a student’s schedule, SLC may refund the remaining lessons. Program adjustments and changes include, but are not limited to:
Discontinuation of a program;
Cancellation of a program;
Change of timetable;
Change of program commencing date.

16) Holiday

Please check SLC holiday information on our website. If a class falls on a SLC holiday, the class will be postponed.

17) SLC’s Enrolment Management Issue

Any make-up class, refund or class changing inquires must be directed to the centre.

18) Private English Tuition

Private lessons include one-to-one and small group tuition. After the first paid lesson, payment is to be made for 10 hours at a time thereafter. All other conditions previously noted in these terms apply.

Parents should obtain updated information regarding Sprout Learning Centre’s Enrolment Policy from time to time from our website,
Sprout Learning Centre reserves the rights for the final interpretation of the Enrolment Policy, the T&C and the right for amendment without prior notice.